You Need Dough


You Need Dough We were lucky enough to try this excellent Dough Chardonnay earlier this week and not only were we impressed with the quality of the wine but also the ethics of the parent company, Distinguished Vineyards. Bread has been labeled “The staff of life” and as Dough is the foundation of making  bread, it can signify new beginnings …

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Thrown By Hand


Thrown By Hand The old expression “ we eat with our eyes” is certainly true, because when a dish is visually appealing, it’s more appetizing.  When eating a meal we use all of our senses, sight, smell, taste and sometimes  even the sound of food, a sizzling Fajita plate comes to mind. We hope by now the fad for serving …

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Croissant Gourmet Café-Bakery – 120 E Morse Blvd Winter Park.


Croissant Gourmet Café-Bakery – 120 E Morse Blvd Winter Park. The litmus test for us on just how much we like a Restaurant or Café is how many times we return when not conducting a review or business meeting and there are a handful of such places in and around Winter Park that fit this criteria. One of those businesses …

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ATTENTION – Aashirwad Special Birthday Offer!


Aashirwad Special Birthday Offer. As if you needed another reason to visit Aashirwad, other than the fact they produce some of the best Indian food in Florida by combining authentic ingredients and in house spice blends, creating excellent dishes using contemporary food techniques, Aashirwad as part of their 16th Birthday Celebrations have been kind enough to offer anyone who mentions …

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Happy 16th Birthday Aashirwad.


Happy 16th Birthday Aashirwad. Over time, many restaurants have opened and closed in and around the ever-popular I Drive area, so when we heard that Aashirwad Indian Cuisine was celebrating its 16th year of operation we just had to visit to be part of their festivities. Located just off I Drive on the corner of Kirkman Road, Aashirwad has been …

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Stimulating Results

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We have been delivering consultancy to Restaurants and Bars for many years, both here in the U.S.A and across Europe. During that time there have been many periods of industry uncertainty but non comes close to the decimation that currently exists today. Running a Restaurant or Bar is a complex undertaking even in the best of times but sometimes owners …

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Ole Red Orlando Opening Early Summer 2020


Ole Red Orlando Opening Early Summer 2020 Ryman Hospitality Properties Inc. announced this week that Ole Red Orlando at ICON Park™ is now hiring in preparation for an early summer opening. Candidates looking to join the team of Blake Shelton’s restaurant, bar and live entertainment venue can apply online to pre-schedule an interview to meet with a hiring manager. Ole …

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What Customers Really Think in These Challenging Times.

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What Customers Really Think in These Challenging Times. It has never been more important to understand what customers REALLY think of your service, standards, safety, offer and quality. From dine in to take out, well informed and prepared businesses will outperform their competition by being proactive and not waiting for that less than flattering social media review, but by getting actionable data …

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My French Café – Serving the Community of Windermere


My French Café – Serving the Community of Windermere Every time we visit the ever-expanding Windermere area, there always seems to be something new, either new housing and gated communities or shopping centers that seem to have appeared out of nowhere. The big brands have obviously staked their claim in the retail sector and there is nothing wrong with that, …

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Pepe’s Cantina – Hannibal Square Winter Park


Pepe’s Cantina – Hannibal Square Winter Park Pepe’s Cantina has become a virtual institution in a relatively short space of time as not only do they offer some of the most innovative Mexican and Tex – Mex dishes around, but they also have some of the best special promotions in Orlando that locals are raving about. From the explosive Cinco …

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