RETURN TO EL VIC’S KITCHEN – Edgewater Drive College Park


RETURN TO EL VIC’S KITCHEN –  Edgewater Drive College Park

Back in October last year, we told you about a new restaurant that had just opened on the corner of Rugby Street and Edgewater Drive, College Park,  EL VIC’S KITCHEN.

Since then College Park locals and food aficionados have been posting excellent reviews and positive comments about the amazing food and superb service they have received during the first few weeks of  El Vic’s opening its doors, and in our opinion deservedly so. If you are confused about the name then be assured this is not another Mexican as the name may suggest, it’s a blend of the owner, Sheetal’s daughters names Elizabeth and Victoria hence El Vic’s. Sheetal and her team at El Vic’s have brought something fresh and new to the College Park restaurant scene by offering a comprehensive and creative menu that takes influences from all over the world but especially from their heritage and roots of Mumbai, India. The “Modern Global Cuisine” tag line reflects the fact that although there are many superb Indian based dishes on the menu (and they are superb) Chef Abhi and his team bring experience from Mumbai, Africa, Malaysia, Hong Kong, California and beyond which ensures there is something for everyone on  their diverse menu.


We are suckers for anything “Tikka” and as El Vic’s cooks in a traditional Tandoor, the Sun-Dried Tomato Chicken Tikka was our first-choice small plate. This was a beautifully presented dish of marinated chicken, tandoor cooked with sun-dried tomatoes, yoghurt, fresh herbs and cheese. Our other choices were Kasundi Shrimp Couscous, mustard flavored shrimp, green apple arugula on warm couscous.


Spanish Albondigas, meatballs with citrus tomato sauce and roasted lemon.


Watermelon & Feta Salad, sliced watermelon sprinkled with feta on a bed of arugula.

All these dishes were visually perfect, the attention to detail was outstanding, and we wish we could adequately describe and do justice to the aromas and tastes of these delicately balanced and seasoned dishes, I fear we would fall short but we hope you will try El Vic’s for yourself, it is an experience, and one that will not break the bank.

Our wine choice was a first for us and a chance to try an Indian Wine from Sula Vineyards in Nashik India, a medium bodied Shiraz that was surprisingly good. Who knew India made great wine? A steal at $9 a glass!

As with us, the El Vic’s menu will leave you spoiled for choice, from small plates such as Fish Koliwada and Smoky Chipotle Chicken Empanadas to the unique Nizza (Naan Bread + Pizza = Nizza), Butter Chicken Risotto, Grandmas Home Style Chicken Curry, Specialty Fries, Lunchtime Wraps and Sandwiches, all part of their great offer. Check out their Facebook and Web pages to see the full menus (Coming Soon).

They are open for Lunch & Dinner service in addition to Happy Hour and Daily Specials, check out the list below, we will certainly be heading over for Curry Friday!




El Vic’s Kitchen is located at 2445 Edgewater Drive College Park Orlando.

Tel: 407 674 8131