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Slate – Could Not Keep away!

Slate Green T

I told you I would be back, but even I did not think so soon ! Met up with friends at Slate for Brunch on Saturday, I could not be dissuaded from my usual, and now it seems habit forming, Chili and Brown Sugar rubbed Smoked Brisket, but added some Fried Green Tomatoes as a dubious attempt to appear more …

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The Other Side of 4Rivers Smokehouse


The Other Side of 4Rivers Smokehouse. You must have been living in a cave not to have heard of the phenomenally successful 4Rivers Smokehouse, the family owned business and brainchild of John Rivers that started life in a garage off Fairbanks Avenue back in 2009. Since its inception the accolades have consistently piled up year after year, and expansion plans …

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Pepe’s Cantina – 433 West New England Avenue Winter Park.

Pepe Food

Pepe’s Cantina – 433 West New England Avenue Winter Park.   Local independent restaurants are the life blood of any successful food economy, not only do they provide variations of food styles that major chains run a mile from, but they put their heart and soul into the business as their personal message to the customer. Once such business is …

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Buttermilk Bakery – 1198 Orange Avenue Winter Park


Buttermilk Bakery – 1198 Orange Avenue Winter Park The Buttermilk Bakery, a small batch bakery and coffee shop has recently opened on Orange Avenue in Winter Park. Currently operating with breakfast and lunch service, Buttermilk honed their skills by selling bakery products at farmer’s markets and local events and made the jump to the bricks and mortar site at Orange …

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Slate – 8323 West Sand Lake Road Orlando

Slate 3

Slate – 8323 West Sand Lake Road Orlando Slate simply describes itself as a “Classic Modern American Restaurant, boasting wood grilled cuisine and open air dining in the heart of the Dr. Phillips neighborhood.” But believe me they are selling themselves short, this place is “Amazing.” We dropped in for “Brunch” today and were absolutely blown away by the ambiance, service …

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Prato Winter Park- Call back


Prato – Call Back  After meeting  friends at Prato –  124 N. Park Avenue Winter Park, for a regular Saturday lunch (i.e. no review), I was impressed to receive a phone call yesterday to check back on the quality of our experience. A nice touch and genuine outreach to ensure customer satisfaction. I am also happy to report the Widow …

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Fried Chicken Friday


Fried Chicken Friday. Fried chicken, the preparation of which can be traced back to a mid-18th century recipe from Great Britain, developed quite a bad reputation over the years, despite its popularity, reports of greasy, calorific and artery clogging fried chicken dishes, did nothing to change this view. Fast food chains such as KFC and Popeye’s made millions from this …

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Peter Luger Steak House Old-Fashioned Sauce.


Peter Luger Steak House Old-Fashioned Sauce. Let me first be clear, I do not think that a good quality marbled steak, properly cooked to temperature needs anything more than its own juices after being rested for a sufficient length of time, to taste phenomenal. But, for those of you who need that extra something, I can think of no better …

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The Rusty Spoon – 55 West Church Street Orlando.

Rusty Spoon

  The Rusty Spoon – 55 West Church Street Orlando. At lunchtime today we decided to visit the Rusty Spoon in the very heart of Historic Downtown Orlando. I had heard good things about the restaurant, as indeed it has gained 7 Silver Spoon awards in 2014 and voted “Best farm to table” restaurant, also recently coming second in the …

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