We Missed Out.


We Missed Out. With all the “Trick or Treating” going on last night we found ourselves with plenty of “Tricks” but no “Treats”. The remedy for this called for a trip to Georges Gourmet Cookies. Our adult “Treat” of choice? Why please step up the “Blondie”. Georges version is a rich, sweet dessert that almost defies you to eat just …

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Strawberry Pound Cake at The Tennessee Truffle – 125 West 1st Street Sanford.

Pound Cake

The Tennessee Truffle – 125 West 1st Street Sanford. As we previously mentioned “Dessert” at the Tennessee Truffle deserves a place on its own, so here goes. Summer Pound Cake – Macerated Plant City strawberries, buttermilk ice cream, popping sugar and lemon verbena syrup. Combine the popping sugar and the buttermilk ice cream together and you have an outstanding dessert …

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The Tennessee Truffle – 125 West 1st Street Sanford.

Mousse & Pan

The Tennessee Truffle – 125 West 1st Street Sanford. It’s not often we get out to Sanford, but boy have we been missing out, Chef Nat Russell has been disrupting the dining out scene in the area by producing some of the best food we have experienced in 2017! After honing his skills in prestige restaurants such as Luma and …

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Mesa 21 Wine & Dine Event


Mesa 21 Wine & Dine Event Great Food, Superb Wines, Amazing Company and Atmosphere, all enjoyed with a soft cool breeze drifting across the lake. Where were we? Some Villa on Lake Como? No, a lot nearer home. We were attending the Wine & Dine event out on the patio at Mesa 21 right alongside Lake Ivanhoe, superbly organized by …

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Simple Sausages.

Chicken Sausages

Simple Sausages. Sometimes the simplest appetizers are the best. Case in point, the Maple Glazed Chicken Sausages from the weekend brunch menu at Boca Winter Park. A perfect find, who knew we liked Chicken Sausage eh? This trio of deliciousness (is that a word?) starts the weekend off just right. What its only Tuesday? Darn!  

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Prato – 124 N. Park Avenue Winter Park .


Prato –  124 N. Park Avenue Winter Park. Taking a brief respite from the Winter Park Arts Festival on Saturday we thought we would refresh our memories about Meatballs & Pizza at Prato, one of our favorite weekend lunch options but sadly one we seem to have overlooked recently. Prato Meatballs – with Roasted Tomato, Cipollini Agrodolce & Mascarpone polenta. …

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Boca Sarasota – Stir Fry Rice & Duck Egg Staff Meal of The Day.

Duck Egg

Boca Sarasota – Stir Fry Rice & Duck Egg  Staff Meal of The Day. We have been fans and regular customers of Boca in Winter Park ever since it opened a couple of years ago, and in particular their amazing special staff meal offers. So, when we found ourselves in Sarasota a couple of weeks ago, we dropped by Boca Sarasota …

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George’s French Dip.

Beef Dip

George’s French Dip. We have already tried most of George’s specialty sandwiches. Heck, we have tried most of his amazing menu, but for some reason overlooked the French Dip. So, on a recent visit when George recommended we try the French Dip, our reply was simply please add it to our order! If George makes it you know it’s gonna …

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Teak Neighborhood Grill – 901 S Orlando Ave. Maitland.

Teak Burger

Teak Neighborhood Grill – 901 S Orlando Ave. Maitland. Great to see the second location of Teak Neighborhood Grill now open in Maitland. Teak have made great use of the space and created a light and airy restaurant with a couple of serious looking bars and of course a covered patio for the cooler days. Big TV screens throughout the …

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The Parkview Artisan Meat & Cheese Platter 136 South Park Avenue Winter Park


The Parkview Artisan Meat & Cheese Platter 136 South Park Avenue Winter Park. Some dishes just deserve a mention on their own, and although this platter appears simple, the construction of complementing ingredients and the sourcing of quality meats and cheeses demonstrates the finesse of the Parkview Executive Chef Brad Holmes. Brad conducted a virtual culinary trip around the United …

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