Quick Trip to George’s Gourmet Cookies


Quick Trip to George’s Gourmet Cookies Instead of using up our Hurricane Food supplies we thought we would just grab a sandwich at our go to local favorite, Georges Gourmet Cookies. But we should have known better, as George makes such delicious salads, sandwiches, cookies, soups and more that they are almost impossible to resist. We started off by ordering …

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Jade Sushi and New Asian College Park Orlando


Jade Sushi and New Asian Had a great night and some truly amazing food at Jade Sushi and New Asian in College Park before turning our attention to hurricane Irma for the next few days. We experienced outstanding food combined with excellent service. We will be posting a full review after Irma has passed. Stay safe Orlando.  

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Simple Tomato Sauce.

Pasta Sauce

Simple Tomato Sauce. We love pasta, but over the years seemed to be more conscious of the amount of acidity in many store bought canned tomatoes, much to the detriment of the pasta dishes we made. The acidification of food has long been used as a means to preserve it but can make the resulting sauce harsh and bitter. The …

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Wine Slushies at Disney Springs.


Wine Slushies at Disney Springs. As if you needed another reason to visit Disney Springs, Amorette’s Patisserie have added “Wine Slushies” to their Adult only beverage selection to join Champagne, Sparkling Wines and Bellini’s. The press coverage has gone wild as initial reporting mentioned availability in Disney Parks rather than Disney Springs. Images of guests sipping their slushies whilst waiting …

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AJ ‘s Press “Tasty Eats” – 182 W State Road 434 Longwood.


AJ ‘s Press “Tasty Eats” – 182 W State Road 434 Longwood. Our love for family owned and operated restaurants is not diminished after a visit today to AJ’s Press in Longwood. This is a second location for AJ’s and builds on the reputation and success of the first AJ’s in Tampa. Owner of the Longwood location Andy Hesman, after …

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New Brunch at Mesa 21 – 1414 N Orange Ave Orlando.

Taco Brunch

New Brunch at Mesa 21 –  1414 N Orange Ave Orlando. Just could not wait to tell you that Brunch options in Orlando just got kicked up a notch today as Mesa 21 unveiled their “Brand New” Brunch experience. Mesa 21 “All You Can Eat” Brunch is built around multiple food stations throughout the restaurant and offers a truly different …

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Sus Hi Eatstation


Sus Hi Eatstation Sushi was originally sold as street food in Japan starting around the 8th century, but it took until the early 1950’s for it to reach the shores of the U.S.A. but by circa 1980 it was full on Sushi mania. True and authentic Sushi restaurants undoubtedly serve heathy and nutritious creations, with skilled sushi chefs, demonstrating their …

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Strawberry Shortcake.

Esme Cake

Strawberry Shortcake. Proud Grandparent moment going on here today, just had to share!! Great to see our young Granddaughter Esmè, following in our “Foodie Footsteps”. She’s been attending Cooking Club while on her summer vacation and just sent us this fantastic photo of her first attempt at Strawberry Shortcake, looks so yummy. Unfortunately, she doesn’t live locally, so we didn’t …

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