Santiago’s Bodega – 802 Virginia Drive Orlando.


Santiago’s Bodega – 802 Virginia Drive Orlando. We did not set out to review Santiago’s Bodega, but so glad we made the visit. Originally, we had intended to review another restaurant, but after a disastrous experience with a host at that location we determined they did not want our patronage and left to find a more customer focused establishment. As …

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Millenia 106 Restaurant & Bar – 4104 Millenia Blvd Orlando.


Millenia 106 Restaurant & Bar –  4104 Millenia Blvd Orlando. We spent an amazing evening with Bruno Fonseca the chef and general manager of Millenia 106 last night, and we are very pleased to say that it looks like this restaurant is going to be one of the most promising restaurant openings of 2017. The modern interior has a casual …

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The Sausage Shack Altamonte Mall.

Bangers & Mash

The Sausage Shack Altamonte Mall. There are a good many fantastic local businesses tucked away in strip malls and shopping centers, and one of those businesses and well deserving of the accolade “Great things come in small packages” is The Sausage Shack. Owner operator Dan Eastwood devised the concept, cooks the sausages and compiles the menu and as all great …

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Tandoori Chicken.


Tandoori Chicken. Although not wildly popular in the USA, Indian cuisine is a perfection of balanced spices and refreshing flavors. Indian cuisine encompasses a wide variety of regional and traditional foods that reflect the Indian climate, culture, ethnic groups and much more. With regional differences from Kashmir to Kerala and specialties from delicious vegetarian dishes to the best street food …

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Steak Publish

STEAK. For many years, whenever we ordered steak, our cut of choice was always a Fillet, normally accompanied by a sauce of some variety, either a red wine reduction, pepper or horseradish cream. This was fine until a very good friend introduced us to the “New York Strip”. There is no rhyme or reason why we had always overlooked this …

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Back at Lombardi’s Seafood Café – 1888 W Fairbanks Ave Winter Park.


Back at Lombardi’s Seafood Café – 1888 W Fairbanks Ave Winter Park. The premise would seem simple, if you want to eat a great steak go to a steakhouse, if you need an amazing burger go to a burger bar. Conversely, and although there are exceptions, going to a pasta restaurant and expecting to have the best steak meal, is probably …

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Table- side Guacamole.


Table- side Guacamole. After a morning at the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival, we decided to take a break from the crowds and headed over to Hannibal Square and our favorite Mexican, Pepe’s Cantina. We kicked off our meal with some delicious Table-side Guacamole, your server will make it to your specification, but whatever your preference the end result is …

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The Cruffin.


The Cruffin. Move over “Cronut” the “Cruffin” has arrived in Winter Park at Croissant Gourmet. This hybrid delicacy is a cross between a Croissant and a Muffin, you can choose varieties such as Vanilla, Dulce de Leche and Nutella. We chose the Dulce de Leche, perfect flaky texture with gooey Dulce de Leche center, good for breakfast but amazing any …

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Corned Beef Hash.


Corned Beef Hash. Elevated from it’s very humble origins, Corned Beef Hash now adorns the menus of many top-class restaurants and is indeed a “Bistro” and “Gastro Pub” favorite. The dish is very easy to make and makes a very hearty meal, especially welcome when the temperature falls like it has today in Orlando. To serve four people – You …

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Luke’s Kitchen & Bar – Revisited.

Beef Dip

Luke’s Kitchen & Bar – Revisited – 640 South Orlando Avenue Maitland. Saturday was such a gorgeous day it seemed a shame not to take full advantage of the amazing weather and eat outdoors. So along with some great friends we chose to try out the “Al Fresco” dining at Luke’s. As previously mentioned, Luke’s promotes its food style as …

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