Luke’s Kitchen & Bar – 640 South Orlando Avenue Maitland.


Luke’s Kitchen & Bar – 640 South Orlando Avenue Maitland. Continuing with the “Restaurantification” (Is that even a word?) of Maitland, Luke’s Kitchen and Bar opened for lunch service today after their grand opening a few weeks ago. Teak Neighborhood Grill will join the ranks of the Maitland restaurant expansion soon. The team that brought you Prato and Luma have …

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Prince Edward Island Mussels.


Prince Edward Island Mussels. Prince Edward Island in Canada has become one of the primary providers of fresh mussels to North America. Driven by a sustainable source in clean and monitored ocean waters, the mussels are rope grown from mussel seed collected in the wild and have an excellent reputation for being consistent, sweet and tender. Locally you can find …

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Caprese Sandwich.


Caprese Sandwich. Always on the lookout for an inexpensive but quality lunch and to keep supporting local businesses, we opted to build our own Caprese Sandwich yesterday. All sandwiches start with a great bread, we chose a Ciabatta loaf from the Artisan Bread collection at Whole Food Markets, for the fillings we relied on our go to Pesto from “Pesto …

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Superbowl Weekend.


Who doesn’t need a burger on Superbowl Weekend ? Lunch today, Shroom & Swiss burger at the Whiskey  7563 W Sand Lake Road Orlando really hits the spot !

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Hannibal Square.

  Take a short walk down New England Avenue from the ever-popular Park Avenue in Winter Park and you will find yourself in Hannibal Square. Often overlooked by tourists and locals alike, Hannibal Square is an “Oasis” of excellent dining occasions and food offers. Now gaining in popularity due in part to the excellence and diversity of the restaurants located …

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RusTeak 2625 Edgewater Drive Orlando.


RusTeak 2625 Edgewater Drive Orlando. I don’t know why it has taken us so long to visit RusTeak in College Park, but whatever the reason it was well worth the wait. Edgewater drive has a growing number of restaurants creating itself into a robust eating destination, but of the location, most of the restaurants are right on the street, and …

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Restaurants – Time To Think Local.


Restaurants –  Time To Think Local. It is widely accepted that 2016 was a difficult year in the restaurant industry leaving the pundits believing that there are just too many restaurants and not enough people eating out. The restaurant economic climate has been changed by rents increasing faster than restaurant revenues, higher restaurant pricing while grocery pricing is static or …

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Turbo G&T Has Arrived !


Turbo G&T Has Arrived. Move over “Moscow Mule” there is a new cocktail in town and being served in the trendiest cocktail bars around the world. The Turbo Gin & Tonic is bringing that most traditional of spirits “Gin”, off the back shelf and into the limelight, capturing the attention of social media and mixologists everywhere. Once thought of as …

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Server of the Year 2016.

Slate Eggs

  Server of the Year 2016. In our recent review of 2016 and the restaurants and locations we personally thought were the best, we left out a critical element, namely Service, and to be more specific the Server who had impressed us the most. In an industry filled with amazing places to eat and drink, we are constantly looking for …

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Great Food Is Right Up Our Street.


There is only “One Way” to get the best information on only the best dining occasions in and  around Orlando,plus some great insider tips. Follow us at: The Orlando Food Critic is dedicated to your continued dining enjoyment and to keep you better informed.

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