How well does your team actually Play?


How well does your team actually Play? Have you ever wanted to find out what level of service you actually provide for your customers, and what your customers really think of your business, service and offer? Well now you can. Our team of professionals can provide customer experience evaluation tools and strategic planning for you and your business. We design …

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Family Recipes – Much More Than Just Food.


Family Recipes –  Much More Than Just Food. I can think of no greater excitement for a food lover than discovering in some long forgotten closet, a book that contains recipes from your Mother, Grandmother or even Great Grandmother. As you leaf through the age stained pages and read with difficulty the handwritten notes, you will be transported back to …

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Square 1 Burger (revisited)

Onion Rings

Square 1 Burger –  900 South Orlando Avenue Winter Park . Great Onion Rings at Square 1 Burger today and even better value on a Wednesday as they advertise $4 rings as a daily special !! Devouring the excellent Three Mushroom Burger was a great way to spend a cloudy Winter Park Afternoon. The “Shabby Chic” Cowboy elements meet crystal …

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The Cheesecake Factory.


The Cheesecake Factory. Just like admitting you had a poster of some random band on your bedroom wall as a teenager or owning up to that dubious item of clothing still hanging in your wardrobe, saying you like the Cheesecake Factory can be just as socially awkward. That is until you meet a fellow Cheesecake fan. Be the first to …

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Stand Out From The Competition.


  Here at OFC we are all about the hospitality business, through our experience, we know that businesses who are better informed about customers, staff, trends and service outperform their competitors. We would be delighted to tell you more, perhaps over a cup of coffee. Please get in touch and find out how we can work together. We would love …

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Hugz from Bugz.


Hugz from Bugz There have been a lot of fantastic charitable works going on, in and around Orlando but I can think of no better or deserving local example than the Childhood Cancer Awareness Month being supported by Peterbrooke Chocolatiers in Winter Park, by the sale of Chocolate Ribbon Pops or Butterfly Pops. Peterbrooke Chocolatiers are donating $1 from the …

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Toasted – 1945 Aloma Avenue Winter Park.


Toasted – 1945 Aloma Avenue Winter Park. Here at OFC we are always on the lookout for interesting food options that won’t break the bank, so today popped into Toasted for a takeout lunch, very much on the spur of the moment. Toasted is located in the Aloma Avenue strip mall and describes itself as an experience based, fast casual …

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“Mad” about the Old Fashioned.

Old Fashioned

“Mad” about the Old Fashioned. What’s Old is New again. Teetering in and out of popularity, “The Old Fashioned” has been the traditional way to make a cocktail for over 130 years, its current resurgence in popularity could be attributed to the character Don Draper in the AMC series Mad Men, who adopted it as his cocktail of choice and …

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Orlando’s Magical Dining Month

  Magical Dining Month. Orlando’s Magical Dining Month is celebrating its 11th year of operation and is now well and truly under way. Magical Dining is a special month-long program where participating restaurants feature prix fixe dinners at the exceptional value of $33 per person. The special menus offer a three-course meal which includes the choice of an appetizer, entrée …

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