About The Orlando Food Critic

The Orlando Food Critic is dedicated to bring you information on only the best dining occasions, our team of industry professional critics understand what a truly great experience feels like and have a passion for the restaurant and leisure industry.

We are not here to name and shame, or relate poor dining reviews, why would we want to waste valuable space and effort on a food offer that we would not be able to recommend to you, so any review we publish will be positive in nature and give insider tips that we hope will enhance your overall enjoyment.

Instead of the usual style of reviews currently available, that are formulaic and sometimes read like a novel, our reviews take a new approach and breakdown the experience into areas and points that we know are important to the customer. In addition we will multi source restaurant, food and industry news to keep you up to date.

Of course we recognize that any review is subjective and individual tastes can vary, but our vision is to remove the guess work from any dining selection. With so much choice and competition for your business, the decision of which restaurant, bar or venue to go to can be confusing and sometimes hit or miss, we hope our reviews, blogs and trending information will lead to a dollar well spent and great dining experiences you will want to return to, time and time again.

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