Credit where credit is due



Credit where credit is due

I found myself around the Mall at Millennia today and in dire need of something to eat. There are of course all the usual suspects around the area, Cheesecake, Duffy’s and Brio etc. But as it had been a long time since I had my Jack Daniels sauce fix, I plunked for TGI Friday’s.

To be clear, I had no intention of reviewing the food at TGI’s, just needed something quick and local before a meeting in that area.

The food was as you expect from the chain and perfectly acceptable, but the service I received was exceptional and to be honest very unexpected.

My server Maria, not only demonstrated outstanding service to my table, but also as I watched her work the room, to all the guests under her watch, her interaction with the guests was exemplary and natural. Maria delivered the company speech without any hint of irony, or giving the impression that this was the hundredth time she had delivered it that day. She made it her own.

She was attentive but not over attentive, pleasant, helpful, knowledgeable and all the other adjectives that go into making a truly great restaurant server. As a really nice touch, on a very hot day that was over 100 degrees, she offered water to go, to all her guests as they left, along with a smile “Have a Great Weekend” and “Drive Safe”.

So to give credit where credit is due, as the Orlando Food Critic is all about informing you of great experiences and although this is not about the food, I felt this level of service deserved a mention and big shout out. Well Done Maria, you delivered some of the best service I have had in a long time, I hope your manager recognizes your contribution to the TGI brand.


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