Guilty or not Guilty

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Guilty or not Guilty

I like food of most varieties from restaurant quality to fast food, but occasionally I just need that “snack fix” brought on by that well known affliction “the munchies”.

My usual go to snack is chocolate, Choc chip cookies, Oreo’s, M&M’s or a bar of my favorite chocolate, usually of the dark variety. Ghirardelli squares, Cadbury Bourneville or Green & Blacks top my list and are regularly added to “Temptation Corner” (a zone on my kitchen counter top) all washed down with a glass of ice cold milk. Sounds like a ritual right? Well, not sure about the ritual but certainly a guilty pleasure, but the guilt soon wears off after a couple of minutes in any case.

My wife on the other hand has a savory tooth and prefers the “snack fix” that Potato Chips, Pretzels, Pistachios and Cheddar Gold Fish provide, I guess not so guilty but still a fixture in temptation corner.

My new find however has been Chocolate Covered Popcorn, and the best I have tasted was from Peterbrooke Chocolatiers on Park Avenue Winter Park, a buttery movie-theater-style popcorn covered in rich milk chocolate, they offered me a free sample to taste and I was hooked and instantly bought the largest tub I could find for the July 4th celebrations (for the record I did not eat it all by myself)

So the jury is out in my household, sweet or savory. But what’s your favorite? Any great products we should try. Let me know.


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