Armature Works Tampa.


Armature Works Tampa

We dropped by the amazing Armature Works in Tampa over the weekend to get our dumpling fix from Zukku, one of the many locations in the multi-tenant Heights Public Market. Never claim to be a dumpling aficionado but these Pork Dumplings  sauteed in egg and sweet sauce are the best we have ever tasted and made even better when washed down with a glass (or two) of the superb Pessimist Petite Syrah from Cru Wine Bar located just in front of Zukku. The wine knowledge of the staff at Cru will astound you they certainly know what they are talking about.

The Armature Works is a maze of excellent dining options and they are adding more all the time, so much food you are spoiled for choice but Zukku and Cru are a great start.


Forgot to mention Empamamas in our list of favorites, try their Cheeseburger in Paradise Empanada but buy two, you will want another.



Three favorites in one spot – What’s not to like.