Caprese Sandwich.


Caprese Sandwich.

Always on the lookout for an inexpensive but quality lunch and to keep supporting local businesses, we opted to build our own Caprese Sandwich yesterday.

All sandwiches start with a great bread, we chose a Ciabatta loaf from the Artisan Bread collection at Whole Food Markets, for the fillings we relied on our go to Pesto from “Pesto Diva” available from Farmers Markets around Orlando and Whole Foods Markets, fresh Mozzarella from Publix and Tomatoes and Basil from the Winter Park Farmers Market.


Really simple to prepare, cut the loaf in half length ways, sprinkle both halves with olive oil and toast face down on a grill until lightly browned. Spread a generous amount of Pesto on one half, making sure to get right up to the edges. Slice the Mozzarella and again pile generously on top of the Pesto, follow this with some sliced Tomatoes and season with salt and pepper. Top off with Basil leaves and then place the other half of the Ciabatta on top and press down lightly.



Place in a medium oven for 5/6 minutes to crisp and allow the Mozzarella to melt slightly, remove and cut into sandwich bites. The quality of the ingredients really shines through this sandwich with every bite, simple and delicious. This loaf easily makes four great sandwiches that will not stretch your lunch allowance.


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