Corned Beef Hash.


Corned Beef Hash.

Elevated from it’s very humble origins, Corned Beef Hash now adorns the menus of many top-class restaurants and is indeed a “Bistro” and “Gastro Pub” favorite.

The dish is very easy to make and makes a very hearty meal, especially welcome when the temperature falls like it has today in Orlando.

To serve four people – You will need:

1 x 12 oz can Libby’s Corned Beef or similar (Publix)

4 x Medium potatoes diced

½ Large white onion finely diced

1/2 Head of cabbage shredded

1 x Vegetable stock cube

1 x tbsp. of all-purpose flour

1 x Large scallion diced

1 x tbsp. parsley (For garnish)

1 x Egg for the mixture

1 x Egg for poaching per portion

Salt and Black pepper to season


Dissolve the stock cube in a pan of boiling water and then place the diced potatoes in the liquid and boil until just cooked. Drain the potatoes and place to one side to cool.

In a large nonstick skillet sauté the diced onion, cabbage and diced scallion in a small amount of olive oil until just soft. Place to one side to cool.

In a large bowl combine the corned beef, diced onion, cabbage and scallion together with the cooked potatoes, being careful not to crush the potatoes too much. Season to taste.

To this mixture add one egg and the tbsp of flour, gently combine the ingredients.

Preheat a non-stick skillet and place about a quarter of this mixture in the pan, flatten with a spatula and push in the edges until you create a circle and the patty is about 8 ins in diameter. Cook on both sides until browned.

Place the patty in your required serving dish and top with a poached egg, cracked black pepper, salt and a sprinkle of parsley.



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