Cotton Candy Grapes.

Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy Grapes.

Although this grape variety has been commercially available in limited quantities since 2011, we always treated the appearance at grocery stores in mid-June through July as somewhat of an April Fool’s Joke.

But this is no joke. In fact, sales have been so good that distributors have bumped up the grape variety production year after year. Cotton candy grapes, which are carried in stores just a few times a year are now one of the most sought-after organic grapes and practically fly off the shelves.

So, how do they taste? Duh! Just like Cotton Candy, and throw back your taste buds to the Fairgrounds and Circus visits of your youth. We must admit they are delicious, but after devouring a few the Cotton Candy flavor seems to weaken as your taste buds become acclimatized to the spun sugar taste. Just rest a while and the flavor returns. Weird eh?

Want to try these grapes? Then don’t delay, they are extremely popular and don’t last long on the shelves. We were lucky enough to find some at our local Whole Foods Market in Winter Park at the weekend. Check stores for availability.


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