Customer Satisfaction


Customer Satisfaction

Have you ever wanted to find out what your customers really think of your restaurant, service and offer?

Well now you can.

Our team of professionals at The Orlando Food Critic can provide customer experience evaluation tools and strategic planning for you and your restaurant. We design programs to measure customer service and satisfaction, working on live data obtained from surveys, mystery shopping and market insight, matching your guest profile with selected “Real” customers. We help clients focus on what is really important to their customers and create actionable business improvement plans to help you deliver service and food quality that truly exceeds customer expectations.

The benefits of a Customer Satisfaction Program can include:

  • Monitor and measure service performance
  • Improve customer retention
  • Make employees aware of what is important whilst serving customers
  • Reinforce positive employee/management actions
  • Provide feedback from front line operations
  • Monitor facility conditions – asset protection
  • Ensure food & beverage /service delivery and quality.
  • Support promotional programs
  • Audit pricing & merchandising compliance
  • Identify training needs / development and sales opportunities
  • Educational tool for training & development
  • Ensure positive customer relationships on the front line
  • Enforce employee integrity.


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