Earls Kitchen & Bar – Mall at Millenia


Earls Kitchen & Bar –  Mall at Millenia

We just realized we had not been back to Earls Kitchen & Bar for some time, so on the anniversary of our wedding in Canada, where else should we pick than what has now become a Canadian Institution, namely “Earls”. We have been a fan of Earls ever since visiting one of their earliest locations in Robson Street Vancouver back in 1993, and now years later the restaurant group has grown extensively. Earls Kitchen and Bar must have one of our favorite menus, as they gather tastes and selections from all over the world without confusing the diner by the menu being overly large. Earls was an early adopter of the sustainable food and farm accreditation movement for all its Beef, Poultry and Seafood sourcing, a movement that has spread not only across North America but around the world.

The dishes we selected for our celebration were:

Italian Style Pan Bread – With extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar. A generous slab of herb bread with oil & vinegar dipping sauce.


Oven Roasted Atlantic Salmon – Feta, caper and dill aioli, with jasmine rice and seasonal vegetables. Great taste combinations and perfectly cooked Salmon.

Jeera Chicken Curry – Cumin spiced curry with garam masala, turmeric, paprika and red chilis, finished with a touch of cream, over rice with baked naan. Choose from mild, medium or hot spice levels.

So, we know the I-4 can be infuriating but if you have never visited Earls Kitchen & Bar or are unaware it is even there, take the time and grab a bite to eat soon, the mall shopping can wait while you get some refreshment. Or better still make this your destination restaurant.