Family Recipes – Much More Than Just Food.


Family Recipes –  Much More Than Just Food.

I can think of no greater excitement for a food lover than discovering in some long forgotten closet, a book that contains recipes from your Mother, Grandmother or even Great Grandmother.

As you leaf through the age stained pages and read with difficulty the handwritten notes, you will be transported back to a different age, and have a snap shot of the life your family once lived.

Unfortunately, my Mother was not a great cook in the general scheme of things, and no books exist from any other of my relatives, but as a child I used to help my Father in his butchers’ shop and he made the BEST Meat and Potato Pies in the town.

Some years ago I found an old diary of my fathers, and hidden amongst the various birthdays and important dates, was a notes page with the Pie recipe scribbled in pencil. I have now committed the recipe to a more permanent paper form, and shared with my son for onward enjoyment through the family, and  by the way my son devoured the first pie I made for him, I am sure this recipe is in for the long haul!

Thanks for the Memories Dad!


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