Food & Wine Expo – Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort


Food & Wine Expo – Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort

So grateful to Anthony Azzollini for the invitation to the terrific Food & Wine Expo laid on by Gourmet Foods and Touton Wine. With over one hundred vendors it was definitely an amazing chance to sample some of the best artisan cheese, meats and wines currently available in the United States.

Too many great vendors and products to mention individually here but for us the stand out products and vendors were:

Touton Wines – The Barville Cotes de Rhone, Pear & Apple notes, medium bodied, clean & crisp our favorite wine of the Expo.



Nueske’s – Now in their third generation of business, their award winning smoked meats are a perfection of the craft. But if you have not tried their Applewood Smoked Bacon then you are missing out on one of life’s culinary treats. Smoked for at least 24 hours this bacon has been mentioned in over 100 cookbooks and featured in NY Times and the Chicago Tribune and is a top chefs favorite. Don’t miss out!


(photo credit Nueske’s)

Somerdale – Westminster Cheddar. For us the best Cheddar Cheese must come from the Cheddar region in the UK and this version is packed full of flavor from the skill and heritage of six generations of Cheddar making families taking the time to perfect their craft. More than happy to fly the flag for this Cheese!

Savannah Bee Company – Raw Honeycomb. Filled with the concentrated nectar of thousands of flowers and a pure delicacy of nature, no additional treatment takes place making the Honeycomb a perfect and delightful accompaniment for Cheese, Fruit and Hams. A great product.

Farmstead Cheese Company – Point Reyes Original Blue Cheese. An all-natural classic styled blue cheese, with buttery texture and bold flavors ending with a slight peppery finish. Love this cheese!

Doux South Pickles – Mean Green Tomatoes. This pickled Green Tomato has an explosion of flavor and exemplifies how a Green Tomato should taste, would make a great burger or sandwich topping. Doux’s Drunken Tomatoes brined in Wine, Garlic, Red Wine, Basil and Onion would be outstanding on pasta.


Without a doubt, we will be able to feature some of these products in future menu development for our clients and also just personaly enjoy them as examples of what outstanding quality products they are.