I Carried a Watermelon! (Back from the Farmers Market)


I Carried a Watermelon! (Back from the Farmers Market)

Taken from that iconic phrase “I carried a watermelon” in the original film version of “Dirty Dancing”, it was obvious that “Baby” had assisted in delivering fresh watermelons to the “Dance People” to cool them down after gyrating to the “Mambo” or the “Pachanga”.

So, in this steamy weather here in Central Florida when we were looking for a simple accompaniment to fried chicken or any of our grilled or BBQ favorites, watermelon stood out as a great refreshing alternative to the usual sides. Plus, watermelons are now in season and available from your local farmers market.

But our version is not just any watermelon, try adding just a few ingredients to take it to another level.

Skin and chop a seedless watermelon (one inch chunks), place the chunks in a serving bowl, drizzle with the juice of a Meyer Lemon, then sprinkle with coarse ground Black Pepper, lastly top off with freshly chopped mint.

Serve chilled.

As we said, great with fried chicken, and in terms of Value, Quality and Convenience, Publix Fried Chicken is hard to beat (Yes, we said Publix). For a couple of years, we thought we were on our own in this opinion but after newspapers, magazines and surveys regularly have Publix Fried Chicken in their “Top Ten” in the South, then we guess the cat is out of the bag. It even has its own Facebook page!

Fried Chicken

Now back to our “Merengue”!


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