MBird Rooftop Bar – Armature Works Tampa


MBird – Armature Works Tampa.

The ever-expanding Armature Works located in the Heights area of Tampa, has rapidly become one of our go to destinations when business takes us to the west coast of Florida.

Inside the market there are so many food choices that it is difficult to make decisions, especially with great options such as the amazing Empamamas and B n B (Butcher and BBQ) not to mention Steelbach and Oak & Ola standalone high-quality restaurants. But on this occasion, we took the elevator to the top floor and tried the somewhat elusive MBird roof top bar. We say elusive just because signage for MBird is minimal, but for those “in the know” MBird provides some of the best views and all-round atmosphere making it the premier rooftop destination in Tampa.


Cocktails and shareable small plates are the order of the day at MBird and both are outstanding. The Warm Marinated Olives are a firm favorite, featuring mixed warm marinated olives, whipped feta and Naan Bread. Our cocktail of choice was the High Sea, a Smokey Wild Turkey Rye infusion that really hit the spot.


We rounded out with Mini Donuts, which provide the “Yum” factor and then some, Bourbon Chocolate, Tequila Mixed Berry & Peanut Butter were the alcohol inspired varieties atop extremely light Donuts and sealed the deal.



MBird can count on repeated visits from us and very soon.