Mesa 21 – 1414 N Orange Ave Orlando. Ivanhoe Village.

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Mesa 21 –  1414 N Orange Ave Orlando. Ivanhoe Village.

We don’t seem to able to get through the week without a Mesa 21 Guacamole fix, beautifully presented and packed full of flavor this is the ideal start to any Mesa 21 “Real Mexican” meal.

Mesa 21 GuacamoleFresh Guacamole served with tortilla chips and Chicharron chips. Chunky well-seasoned and spiced and given a great Mesa 21 twist by adding Chicharron Chips (Pork rinds) as well as the traditional Tortilla Chips. Really addictive!

We now prefer Chicharron Chips to Tortilla Chips! But you get both, so you decide, a perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon on the patio out by the lake or an evening to watch the sun go down.

There are so many reasons to visit Mesa 21, from Sunday Brunch, to Taco Tuesday and even Bar Mesa for that weekend “Vibe”. Cocktails and Cerveza have not been overlooked with some excellent Mexican, Domestic, Craft and Imported beers along with some of the best selections of quality Wines, Tequila and Mezcal in Orlando. We love the Finis Terrae red by Cousino Macul and any cocktail with the now ever so popular Mezcal has our vote, or why not try the Paloma for a spicy twist.

Don’t forget Mesa 21 have another sister location at 2440 East Hwy Clermont serving the same great food and drinks.