National Drink Wine Day.


National Drink Wine Day.

There seems to be a celebration day for everything at the moment, and today is no exception as it is “National Wine Drinkers Day”. Some of our friends would say that its wine drinker’s day every day, a position that is difficult to argue with.

So, what to drink on this auspicious day? Well our current favorite is “The Show” Malbec form the El Alto Vineyard, Mendoza Argentina, the distinctive label will ensure you spot the bottle form the liquor store aisle.

Here comes the Sommelier stuff: Ruby Red in color, aromas of cigars and herbs, apples and nuts, fruity light-to-medium body and a smooth light oak finish.

What do we like about “The Show”? It’s just a really good wine, quaffable on its own, but can be paired with most foods particularly meats, savory pies and cheese. All of this at a price that puts some of its Malbec peers to shame.

The Show is currently available at Total Wine and More or part of the excellent wine offering at Earls Kitchen & Bar Millenia. (check for availability).


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