New Digs for The Sausage Shack.


New Digs for The Sausage Shack.

We are delighted to tell you guys that the acclaimed Sausage Shack from the Altamonte Mall is relocating to Hannibal Square, to reach a wider audience.

Owner operator Dan Eastwood tells us that he hopes to be open in December, but with permitting and such like red tape, could see that stretch into early January. Whatever the case, we will be sure to keep you up to date with Dan’s progress.

The Sausage Shack quickly made its mark as a fantastic local food concept that perpetually looks for new products and sausage combinations to wow their growing number of faithful followers.

Dan originally devised the concept, cooks the sausages and compiles the menu himself. Service is simple. 1. Pick your sausage type. 2.  Select your bread then. 3. Pick your toppings. Or alternatively choose one of their specials and side dishes. Don’t forget to try the fantastic Mustard Bar.

Please go visit Dan at the Sausage Shack when he opens and tell your friends, you will soon find him at 400 West New England Avenue, Hannibal Square, Winter Park, just a short stroll from Park Avenue, in the spot previously occupied by The Park Café Bakery. Dan really takes pride in his food and his customers. We wish him well and will for sure be regular customers.