Nova’s First Dinner Event Featuring Michter’s American Whiskeys.


Nova’s First Dinner Event Featuring Michter’s American Whiskeys.

As part of their continuing success, Nova – 1409 North Orange Avenue Orlando, will be holding their first Dinner event on Tuesday June 27th that will feature both the exceptional cooking skills of Executive Chef Val Domingo but also the classic limited production American Whiskeys from Michter’s Distillery.


Executive Chef Val Domingo is no stranger to the culinary scene, not only at Nova but at events in and around Orlando and beyond, and is certainly a rising star due to his skill, passion for food and food provenance.

According to Pennsylvanian historical lore, General George Washington visited the Michter’s Distillery (Originally known as Shenk’s) and purchased Whiskey to fortify his men through the long brutal winter at Valley Forge. Continuing the legacy that has survived many tribulations including Prohibition, Michter’s has a simple strategy – to honor the Michter’s legacy by producing the best Whiskey possible, and the cost be dammed!!

This is going to be a GREAT event (Would make an amazing Father’s Day present) so don’t delay as space will be limited.

Call now and reserve your place

Tel: 407 745 4080


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