One Stop Shop at Lombardi’s Seafood Market


One Stop Shop at Lombardi’s Seafood Market

It’s difficult to believe that by now there is anyone who has not heard of the superb Seafood on offer at Lombardi’s Seafood Market on Fairbanks Ave, Winter Park, or their amazing Seafood Café that continues to grow in popularity, but did you know that Lombardi’s can be your ‘One Stop Shop”?

If you are anything like us the fewer stores you need to visit to fulfill your shopping needs the better, with this in mind the Lombardi range of products to complement their Seafood offer continues to expand. This week we will be focusing on this “Other Side” of Lombardi’s and start off with their superb selection of Wines and Beers.

The huge selection covers local Craft bottles and cans to Domestic and Imported beers from Heineken to Stumpknocker and Bud Lime to Jai Alai, all at a great price point.

The wines on offer follow the same path with carefully selected varieties and regions that won’t break the bank. If you are eating in the Seafood Café the half bottles are particularly good value, especially the Clos du Bois and Cavit brands.

We found lots of other products at Lombardi’s to make your shopping easier, perfect for this busy time of year, make sure to check back for more on the Lombardi’s Market later this week!

Lombardi’s Seafood Market – 1888 Fairbanks Avenue Winter Park Tel: 407 628 3474