Pesto Diva


Pesto Diva

Owning your own business is hard work make no mistake, and as you know by now we love local businesses and great entrepreneurial success stories, so please chalk this one up as another great Winter Park must try – Pesto Diva Pesto and Tapenades. You can find Pesto Diva at The Winter Park Farmers Market and The Audubon Park Community Market. Come rain, wind or blistering heat, Anna Marie Mele (the Pesto Diva) is to be found behind her small stall, talking with the locals and selling some of the best Pesto and Tapenades to be found, and all made as she states, “while you were sleeping”, all with the same quality and love of simple fresh ingredients. Plus they are all gluten free, made in small batches with vegan options available.

The tub of Pesto Classico we bought from Anna Marie this weekend made our Burrata Salad taste amazing, you can really identify all the elements of the pesto, which sets it miles apart from mass produced products and we have been just as impressed by making it into a VERY simple Pesto Pasta dish. You don’t really need a recipe for this (Pesto – Pasta – Small amount of Pasta Water & Toss) but if you do there is one available on the Pesto Diva web page, plus lots of other useful information.

The “Divas” product range has now expanded to include Artichoke & Cashew, Classico, Arugula, Vegan and Sun-Dried Tomato pesto along with Special Order – Holiday Pesto that offers, Pistachio and Red Pepper Almond varieties. The Pesto Diva also makes some outstanding Classic Tapenade that combines piquant Capers, Anchovy fillets and Kalamata olives. Or kick up the spice with the Classic with Peppers using Manzanillo Olives and Habanero Peppers and Walnuts. *Pesto weekly availability subject to change

So please stop by one of the Farmers Markets and say Hi to Anna Marie, better still buy one of her amazing Pesto or Tapenades, we are pretty sure that once you try them you will be back time and again! Contact details: Anna Marie Mele – Phone – 1-407-506-3895  Email –  [email protected]