Peter Luger Steak House Old-Fashioned Sauce.


Peter Luger Steak House Old-Fashioned Sauce.

Let me first be clear, I do not think that a good quality marbled steak, properly cooked to temperature needs anything more than its own juices after being rested for a sufficient length of time, to taste phenomenal. But, for those of you who need that extra something, I can think of no better accompaniment than Peter Luger Old-Fashioned Sauce.

Peter Luger has been critically acclaimed as the best steakhouse in New York City by Zagat for many years in a row and is located in Brooklyn, New York City. They have another location in Great Neck, Long Island, but the history of Peter Luger revolves around the Brooklyn restaurant.

Whilst I have never eaten at Peter Lugers there is no doubt that they must be doing something VERY right to maintain this business for over 125 years.

According to the Peter Luger Company, they only began selling their Old Fashioned Sauce to the public after customers begged them to do so, and boy are we glad they did. The taste blends spicy horseradish with a type of traditional steak sauce and hints of cocktail sauce are evident. The sauce is deep brown in color and described as fat-free. The quality of the ingredients determines that the product has to be refrigerated before and after opening.

Ingredients listed on the bottle are: – Tomatoes, vinegar’s, sugar, corn syrup, salt, grated horseradish roots, molasses, water, onion, garlic, spices, anchovies, natural flavor (contains soy), tamarind.

For those of you who need a steak sauce, this one in my opinion cannot be beaten. Peter Luger customers will report that using this sauce in the restaurant, on a Peter Luger Steak is frowned upon, and that this Old Fashioned Sauce comes into its own when used as a superb accompaniment to thick slices of ripe Tomatoes, Bacon, Chicken, Hamburgers or Chops as it enhances the flavors rather than masking them.

On the East Coast, you can find Luger’s Sauce in most grocery stores in the refrigerated meat aisle, but whatever you choose to put it on, be assured that it does taste fantastic, and like most things of quality, I guess will be delighting customers for many years to come.




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