Sus Hi Eatstation


Sus Hi Eatstation

Sushi was originally sold as street food in Japan starting around the 8th century, but it took until the early 1950’s for it to reach the shores of the U.S.A. but by circa 1980 it was full on Sushi mania.

True and authentic Sushi restaurants undoubtedly serve heathy and nutritious creations, with skilled sushi chefs, demonstrating their knife and preparation skills in front of the guest in an almost kitchen meets theater meets art environment.

But the American consumer always wants more from any food genre and in true American style, customer led market demand has moved the preparation of Pizza’s, Mexican food and others into the twenty first century by allowing customers to mix and match their own flavors and ingredients without resorting to a fixed menu and all made freshly right in front of you.

So it goes that before long someone would do the same for Sushi. Enter the Dragon! Sorry, got carried away. Enter Sus Hi Station.

With their Ninja themed marketing (all staff have Ninja names) and simple but comprehensive ingredients, they have been quietly making a name for themselves around UCF and more recently Altamonte Springs, for around six years. If you have never heard of them before, don’t worry, you soon will. When we met up with their regional manager or Sensei, Thomas Wang (Ninja name Sparc) he explained that customer demand is spearheading an aggressive roll out plan that will see a new Sus Hi Eatstation in Lake Nona very soon with plans for several more.

What makes them popular? Well, it starts with a simple premise, first choose a Bowl, Wrap or Roll, from there on in there is spectacular array of ingredients for you to mix and match. As well as traditional sushi items, there are always other options for the “Not so Sushi” customer and all at a great price point.

We ate like Ninja’s and devoured:

Tuna Rollwith white rice, tuna, avocado, cucumber, pickled ginger, and wasabi.

Bowlwith brown rice, tempura chicken, loaded with veggies and topped with spicy mayo.

Wrapwith white rice, grilled steak, sweet potato, scallions, carrots and teriyaki sauce.

Rice Friesrice and nori tempura, loaded with cheese, bacon, scallions and jalapenos.

Crab Rangoonseasoned Krab and cream cheese wrapped in a crispy wonton shell.



The rice fries were a new one for us and a star item, bold flavors and fresh ingredients made our other choices a real success. Indecisive? Sus Hi Station have you covered, as they also have some suggested combinations to remove the guess work if you so desire.

Check out their web site for locations and information on their 6th Year Anniversary offers from August 24th to August 29th.

We haven’t got our Ninja names yet, guess we have to eat more Krab Rangoon!