Tapa Toro Icon Park & Chef Roberto Trevino


Tapa Toro Icon Park & Chef Roberto Trevino

Apart from a very few exceptions we have never had much luck whenever we chose to eat Tapas, and it normally fell into one of three categories, too expensive, too small a portion or not authentic. However none of these criteria can be said of the Tapas offered by Chef Roberto Trevino at Tapa Toro, as the Tapas here is truly outstanding!

We have followed the career of Chef Roberto for many years and been delighted at his many TV appearances on Iron Chef America and his judging stints on Beat Bobby Flay to name but a few, but its his culinary skills that have secured his place as one of our favorite chefs, so when we heard he had returned to his love of Spanish food and his new home at Tapa Toro we just had to pay him a visit.

Our Tapas journey commenced with Chef Roberto suggesting a simple but perfectly executed Pan Con Tomate, which he created using rustic bread, vine ripe tomatoes, garlic infused olive oil, sherry vinegar and sea salt. Authentic, delicately balanced flavors and a perfect bite on a very hot day at Icon Park.


Artichoke Dip, using artichokes with a creamy manchego cheese was next on the menu served with a generous portion of crostini for dipping, delicious!!

The Pork Belly, a braised heritage pork belly with local honey served with seasonal jam and greens was like a fine wine with distinctive elements of the dish bursting on your taste buds, you really could define all the ingredients.


The next two dishes were really our standout favorites, not since visiting our favorite Spanish bakery in Miami had we experienced the depth of flavor Chef Roberto gets into his Spanish Frittata (Tortilla Espanola) as his combination of eggs, potatoes, red pepper and grated cheese served with house made aioli is magic on a plate.

If we were not blown away enough from the food we had experienced so far his Ceviche, which today was mahi, shrimp, cilantro, tomatoes, cucumber, jalapeno and lime showed an expertise of preparation and use of acidity way beyond anything we have tasted anywhere in the world.


Chef Roberto’s presentation of the dishes was refined and beautiful and everything had a reason to be on the plate, each dish was a photo opportunity waiting to happen if you could wait that long before tucking in !

I think you can tell we loved what Chef Roberto is doing at Tapa Toro and we have not even started on the amazing Paella dishes that are a signature element of the Tapa Toro menu, but we will leave that for another time.

Insider Tip: Happy Hour at the Tapa Toro Bar every day from 3-6pm has 2 for 1 drinks, half off House Beer, Wine and Sangria and Half price Cocktail pitchers, along with a selection of Tapas Appetizers at great prices like Potatoes and Chorizo with a Fried Egg, a steal for only $5!!

Tapa Toro is located at Icon Park 8441 International Drive Tel: 407 226 2929. Please follow Chef Roberto Trevino on social media and listen to his regular podcast at “Survival of the fittest is the Soup d’jour” to learn more about Chef Trevino, his love of food, life and maybe a comment or two about his other love Liverpool Football Club or the Premier League. Who knows !!

P.S. Did we tell you they have Flamenco Dancers ?