The Canadians are coming……….

Poutine 2

The Canadians are coming………………………….

Or more precisely they are already here in the form of Poutine!!!

Over the past few months we have seen a significant increase in the number of restaurants and bars adding Poutine to their menu offerings, and if we needed any other indication that this was a hot trend, Disney Springs has recently announced the addition of The Daily Poutine to their kiosk food locations, alongside B.B. Wolf’s Sausage Co, who will be serving artisan sausages, and Aristo Crepes featuring sweet and savory crepes.

For the uninitiated Poutine (pronounced poo-teen or poo-ten) is a Canadian dish, originating in the province of Quebec, made with French Fries and Cheese Curds topped with a light brown gravy. This fast-food dish is typically found across Canada and in some places in the northern United States. The dish is thought to have originated in rural Quebec, Canada, in the late 1950s and several Canadian communities claim to be the birthplace of poutine. Prior to this, and since 1901, the closest dish to poutine was known as “Chips, Cheese and Gravy” and is still widely available in the UK, particularly through Fish & Chip Shops in the North of England and Scotland. Some American restaurants have put a spin on the contents, with additions such as Mushroom Gravy, Skinny fries, Pulled Pork or BBQ meats, but for me traditional is still the way to go.

In any case and whatever the origin, I for one am looking forward to being able to have my favorite snack food in another quality location such as Disney Springs, and will be joining the queue of expectant Poutine addicts when the kiosk opens on May 15th 2016. Watch out for our review.


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