Thrown By Hand


Thrown By Hand

The old expression “ we eat with our eyes” is certainly true, because when a dish is visually appealing, it’s more appetizing.  When eating a meal we use all of our senses, sight, smell, taste and sometimes  even the sound of food, a sizzling Fajita plate comes to mind. We hope by now the fad for serving up food in dog bowls, plant pots and other industrial containers, never intended to be a food receptacle has long passed by, but instead understanding that Chefs go to extraordinary lengths to prepare amazing food why then present it on some run of the mill tableware?

As we search for ways to assist restaurants in gaining that discernible difference we recently discovered the talents of Kim Sager from Thrown By Hand who understands this concept very well as she creates really stunning pottery to showcase any chefs expertise.

The extremely talented Kim Sager began her career hand painting tee shirts in New York City where she was born and grew up. Kim then began licensing her own artwork, and then moved to the west coast to work for The Walt Disney Company. After returning to New York, Kim continued her career working for Sesame Workshop and Nickelodeon.

Recently Kim moved to Winter Park to pursue her passion for ceramics by starting her new company Thrown By Hand, focusing on functional but beautiful tableware for chefs, restaurants and home cooks. Numerous local restaurants and cookbook authors have collaborated with Kim to achieve some bespoke tableware that not only speaks to the concept of the restaurant or the food but also provides a beautiful canvas to take the food presentation to another level. Kim says that her Collections are inspired by the beauty of nature and the seasons. She appreciates the beauty of seasonal produce grown by local farmers in her community and she hopes her pottery will encourage people to support their local farmers markets and the restaurants that source their produce from small farms.


Kim is an example of another great local entrepreneur, whose talents speak for themselves, you can contact Kim at Thrown By Hand: (917) 407-8699