Tibby’s – Mardi Gras.


Tibby’s Mardi Gras.

Not made plans for this evening? Then head on over to Tibby’s on Aloma, Winter Park. The place was jumping at lunch today and there is much, much more planned for this evening. The outdoor Marquee was just going up and there is live music from 6pm. Oh! Sorry, forgot to mention…


We had our staple diet today, pretty standard when we dine at Tibby’s, namely,

BBQ Shrimp – Large Gulf shrimp sautéed in in butter, beer and spices. Served with a whole French baguette.

Maws’s Fries – Somewhat of an addiction for me. Fries smothered with roast beef “debris” served N’awlins style and loaded with cheese.

Beignets – Could only manage three, loaded with powdered sugar, try once you will be hooked.

So head off over to Tibby’s and get your party on tonight, the folks there are  amazing and will make sure you have an amazing time.


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