Tibby’s New Orleans Kitchen-Aloma Avenue Winter Park.


Tibby’s New Orleans Kitchen-Aloma Avenue Winter Park.

Found a new favorite sandwich at Tibby’s this week, the tremendous Southern Drippin Chicken SandwichFried Chicken tenders marinated in spicy buttermilk, topped with their house Crystal’s BBQ sauce & ranch dressing. Served on Texas toast & fries.

Couple this with one of our all-time favorite comfort foods, Maw’s FriesMedium cut Fries smothered with Roast Beef “debris” Gravy and loaded with Cheese, a sort of Poutine on “Steroids”.

We did also order a salad but somehow it got shoved to the side when these two magnificent meals arrived (Who would have thought!)

This will now be our go to meal each time we visit Tibby’s (Why spoil perfection)

Hint ask for lots of napkins, it will get messy!! Many other N’awlins style classics can be found on the menu. Muffuletta, Gumbo, Fried Oysters, Po’boys, Catfish, Crawfish and Etouffee and all at a great price point.

Hang out with the Tibby’s team soon.