Turbo G&T Has Arrived !


Turbo G&T Has Arrived.

Move over “Moscow Mule” there is a new cocktail in town and being served in the trendiest cocktail bars around the world. The Turbo Gin & Tonic is bringing that most traditional of spirits “Gin”, off the back shelf and into the limelight, capturing the attention of social media and mixologists everywhere.

Once thought of as a herbal medicine, this Juniper infused spirit has had a bad rap over the years and been relegated to more mundane servings. A resurgence in its popularity has spawned artisan and designer Gins that excite and tantalize the palate much more than the old “Mothers Ruin” ever did. In addition, the “Tonic” element of the cocktail has had the same treatment, the Tonic we used in our Turbo G&T sees Quinine, Lemon Thyme and Rosemary combined with Natural Sugars and Spring Water elevating the humble Tonic Water well beyond the expected.

This cocktail also takes advantage of another trending beverage, “Cold Brew Coffee”. Not to be confused with “Iced Coffee”, the cold brew process prevents the beverage from picking up too much of the coffee acidity and leads to a much smoother finish to the drink.

The Coffee:

You need to prepare the Coffee element to this cocktail ahead of time, by steeping coarse ground Coffee in cold water at a ratio of circa 7:1 water to coffee and allowing it to sit in a lidded container in the refrigerator for 12/24 hours. The mixture is then strained multiple times, using filters or muslin gauze to remove the Coffee grounds and you should be left with the “Cold Brewed Beverage”.

The Turbo Ingredients:

  • 35ml of Gin. We used a European Cotswold Gin. The Cotswold Distillery heats the spirit and the botanicals gently to infuse with the liquid, vapors passing through the still take on the flavors and characteristics of the botanicals, thus creating a perfect Gin.
  • 10ml of the Cold Brew Coffee
  • Tonic water. We used the excellent Fever Tree
  • Lemon peel to garnish

The Method:

Select a tall glass and fill 25% with ice.

Pour the Gin over the ice.

Add the Cold Brew Coffee and then top up with Tonic Water.

Complete the presentation with a twist of lemon Peel.

Enjoy !!


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