Wine of the Month – Vionta Albarino

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Wine of the Month – Vionta Albarino

We have tasted a lot of wines lately leading up to the holidays and a lot have been nothing more than “business as usual”, but when dining at the bar at Prato recently they ran out of our “go to” Sauvignon Blanc, our server Barte recommended we try the Vionta, and we are so glad he did.

Certainly, a great replacement for Sauvignon in its characteristics, this wine is made entirely from Albarino grapes located at the Ferrer family winery who have deep roots in the Penedés region of Spain, with 18 generations of winemaking experience at the family ranch, La Freixeneda, but this wine is so much more.

The tasting notes describe the wine as having great aroma and flavor, being a fine white wine with some notes of yellow and flashes of golden-green, a combination of tropical and ripe fruit notes. The bouquet is of green apple, banana, kiwi and melon. Soft acid with a long finish, with just a touch of bitterness, a classic characteristic of this grape variety.

This is a great wine to pair with fish and shellfish, but also just to share a couple of glasses with friends.

Vionta Albarino is currently listed on the diverse wine menu at Prato 124 North Park Ave Winter Park.