You Need Dough


You Need Dough

We were lucky enough to try this excellent Dough Chardonnay earlier this week and not only were we impressed with the quality of the wine but also the ethics of the parent company, Distinguished Vineyards. Bread has been labeled “The staff of life” and as Dough is the foundation of making  bread, it can signify new beginnings and opportunities.

In these challenging times Distinguished Vineyards comments that positive change can rise from the simplest of actions, by supporting the James Beard Foundation’s work to create an inclusive, equitable and sustainable food culture through an annual donation, Distinguished Vineyards as a brand and as a community of food & wine lovers, hopes to support positive changes to the culinary arts and beverage professions.

Notably Dough is the first ever wine collaboration for the James Beard Foundation, and was crafted in collaboration with a diverse group of chefs and beverage professionals, all alumni of the James Beard Foundation’s Impact Programs.  Distinguished Vineyards proudly partners with the James Beard Foundation in supporting its Seafood Sustainability Initiative, Women’s Leadership Programs and policy and advocacy training for Chefs and industry leaders.

Here comes the Sommelier stuff:

This excellent Chardonnay has bright lemon and honeysuckle notes with a hint of spice and taste elements of juicy fresh pineapple, nectarine and crisp apple. Explore how to pair wine with food, as we suggest this wine would pair well with a cheese board or a fresh-baked crostini.

Great wine and a Great cause.

Dough wines can be acquired from the outstanding wine importer and distributor Winebow. One of the Winebow dedicated specialists Tony Azzollini, can be contacted on Tel: 415 215 7662 or [email protected] for all your wine & spirit needs.