National Rum Day


National Rum Day Tuesday August 16th 2016 is National Rum Day Today’s premium Rum products are a far cry from the “Rum Rations” given to Sailors and Pirates, laced with lime juice to fight off the scurvy. Despite this, brand names such as “Navy Rum”, “Sailor Jerry” and Captain Morgan hark back to a nautical history for the spirit that …

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Is Ambience a Competition Beater?


Is Ambience a Competition Beater? First ask “Who is your Competition.” This question used to be a lot easier to answer as you only had to look for other restaurants in your market segment or locale to identify what you would call a business in competition with yourself. But today the landscape has changed, in addition to the competitors we …

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Peter Luger Steak House Old-Fashioned Sauce.


Peter Luger Steak House Old-Fashioned Sauce. Let me first be clear, I do not think that a good quality marbled steak, properly cooked to temperature needs anything more than its own juices after being rested for a sufficient length of time, to taste phenomenal. But, for those of you who need that extra something, I can think of no better …

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National S’mores Day

Homemade S'mores with Marshmallows Chocolate and Graham Crackers

August 10th is National S’mores Day.  As if you needed any more encouragement to eat more chocolate and marshmallows, August 10th 2016 is designated as National S’mores day. This fantastic BBQ and Campfire delicacy is almost an American institution and has spun off into many variations with inclusions of Fudge and Peanut butter, but as with most things the original …

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Four Rivers New Kissimmee Location

Four Rivers

The rapidly expanding BBQ and Smokehouse Restaurant 4 Rivers, reports that it will formally open its most recent location in Kissimmee tomorrow, August 10th 2016. ( Check with 4 Rivers for exact timings). From humble beginnings they have grown to over a dozen locations, but they never forget it all started in a garage on Fairbanks. The rest as they say …

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Earls Kitchen & Bar –  Millenia Location Opening Soon


I am eagerly awaiting the opening of the newest addition to the Vancouver based, family owned chain Earls Kitchen & Bar, at their new Mall at Millenia location once occupied by Blue Martini. The opening is billed as sometime in “Summer 2016” but works have continued here for some time, so hoping for an early conclusion. Earls was an early …

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Rio Olympic Celebrations

Bottle 2

Rio Olympic Celebrations – Cachaça Makes the Difference. With the opening ceremony of the 2016 Olympic Games taking place tonight, it only seems right to celebrate with that most Brazilian of cocktails, the Caipirinha! As with all cocktails the quality of the spirits is of paramount importance and this fact was never more true than in the creation of the …

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