SODIÊ DOCES METROWEST ORLANDO If you have never heard of Sodiê Doces you undoubtedly will do soon, as the largest Brazilian Cake Shop franchise with over 300 stores in Brazil, has made its first foray into the United States and opened two franchise stores in Central Florida in the locations of MetroWest and International Drive. The brain child of Cleusa …

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Tapa Toro Icon Park & Chef Roberto Trevino


Tapa Toro Icon Park & Chef Roberto Trevino Apart from a very few exceptions we have never had much luck whenever we chose to eat Tapas, and it normally fell into one of three categories, too expensive, too small a portion or not authentic. However none of these criteria can be said of the Tapas offered by Chef Roberto Trevino …

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First Look Bombay Street Kitchen Orlando.

Tandoori Momo

First Look Bombay Street Kitchen Orlando. You could be forgiven for overlooking the location of Bombay Cafe, as it was tucked away in the corner of a small mall on Doss Avenue, a stone’s throw from South Orange Blossom Trail. Never the less it built up an amazing following of dedicated Indian Street Food lovers serving mostly vegetarian dishes such as  …

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Croissant Gourmet Café-Bakery – 120 East Morse Blvd Winter Park.


Croissant Gourmet Café-Bakery – 120 East Morse Blvd Winter Park. OK, where to go for Coffee and Croissants in Winter Park? In our opinion and the name says it all Croissant Gourmet is the spot ! Regulars from every walk of life gather here and chat together to put the world to rights. Local celebrities like Michael (daddyman) and the …

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Pesto Diva


  Pesto Diva You should  know by now how much we love local businesses and great entrepreneurial success stories, so please chalk this one up as another great Winter Park must try, because after a brief absence due to the Covid restrictions we as so happy that Pesto Diva has returned to The Winter Park Farmers Market in its new …

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New Challenges Call For Fresh Ideas

Blank 1080 x 1080

New Challenges Call For Fresh Ideas. We have been delivering consultancy to Restaurants and Bars for many years, both here in the U.S.A and across Europe. During that time there have been many periods of industry uncertainty but non comes close to the decimation that currently exists today. Running a Restaurant or Bar is a complex undertaking even in the …

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You Need Dough


You Need Dough We were lucky enough to try this excellent Dough Chardonnay earlier this week and not only were we impressed with the quality of the wine but also the ethics of the parent company, Distinguished Vineyards. Bread has been labeled “The staff of life” and as Dough is the foundation of making  bread, it can signify new beginnings …

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Thrown By Hand


Thrown By Hand The old expression “ we eat with our eyes” is certainly true, because when a dish is visually appealing, it’s more appetizing.  When eating a meal we use all of our senses, sight, smell, taste and sometimes  even the sound of food, a sizzling Fajita plate comes to mind. We hope by now the fad for serving …

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ATTENTION – Aashirwad Special Birthday Offer!


Aashirwad Special Birthday Offer. As if you needed another reason to visit Aashirwad, other than the fact they produce some of the best Indian food in Florida by combining authentic ingredients and in house spice blends, creating excellent dishes using contemporary food techniques, Aashirwad as part of their 16th Birthday Celebrations have been kind enough to offer anyone who mentions …

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Happy 16th Birthday Aashirwad.


Happy 16th Birthday Aashirwad. Over time, many restaurants have opened and closed in and around the ever-popular I Drive area, so when we heard that Aashirwad Indian Cuisine was celebrating its 16th year of operation we just had to visit to be part of their festivities. Located just off I Drive on the corner of Kirkman Road, Aashirwad has been …

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