Customer Satisfaction

Have you ever wanted to find out what your customers really think of your business, service and offer?

Well now you can. Our team of professionals can provide customer experience evaluation tools and strategic planning for you and your business. We design programs to measure customer service and satisfaction, working on live data obtained from surveys, mystery shopping and market insight, matching your guest profile with selected “Real” customers. We help clients focus on what is really important to their customers and create actionable business improvement plans to help you deliver service that truly exceeds customer expectations.

Mystery Shopping beyond the Audit.

We match your typical guest demographic with specialist consumers in our national consumer database of more than 200,000 households. You will receive real customer feedback the very next day to show you what’s really happening in your operation and how guests are reacting.

Confidential Employee Feedback Surveys.

Your staff can be your greatest asset. Tap into your team’s insights and maximize response with our easy to use and cost effective on line survey program. We program your bespoke questions and set up secure links for your employees to complete the surveys. Plus, you will have 24/7 access to live reporting of the results.

Customer Perception and Tacking Studies

Way better than comment cards, you will build loyalty and learn what your guests are really thinking using our on line survey program. Find out what turns your guests on and what turns them away, so you can retain and increase market share. Customize your survey questions and track customer habits at your operations as well as your competitors.

Bar Spotting That Protects your Bottom Line

Our Integrity program puts licensed investigators in your bars and restaurants to spot theft, over service, over pours, under age service and many more actions. We learn your operational standards and observe with all legalities for your protection. Our clients have saved thousands of dollars with this service, not to mention increased security of you valuable liquor license.

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