Earl of Sandwich – Disney Springs Orlando.


Earl of Sandwich –  Disney Springs Orlando. Who would have thought that when John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, an avid gambler, was reluctant to take meal breaks during long hours dedicated to playing cards, asked one of his servants to bring him some sliced meat between two slices of bread, that the original hand held fast food would be …

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Happy Birthday! Raglan Road Disney Springs.

Irish Egg

Happy Birthday! Raglan Road Disney Springs. Can’t believe it has been 11 years since Raglan Road opened for business, Congratulations to the team for bringing a “Taste of the Irish” to the Disney Springs area and before that, to the food and entertainment district of Downtown Disney. From Irish dancers and entertainment, to food concoctions from the “Emerald Isle”, Raglan …

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Paddlefish – Disney Springs.


Paddlefish – Disney Springs. Waiting with eager anticipation for one of the landmark restaurants of Disney Springs to reopen after extensive refurbishment and rebranding from Fulton’s Crab House to Paddlefish. The area surrounding the restaurant does not seem quite the same without it’s dominating presence. Over the past few weeks they have been tempting future diners with “Sneak Peaks” of …

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The Meatball Stoppe 7325 Lake Underhill Road Orlando.

Balls front

The Meatball Stoppe 7325 Lake Underhill Road Orlando. From the moment you step into The Meatball Stoppe you are immersed in the world of Isabella and Jeff Morgia. From the beautiful photographs of their family that adorn the walls to the special warmth of the welcome from the server at the counter, their dream of making you feel like you …

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Moscow Mule & The Love Affair with Copper.


Moscow Mule & The Love Affair with Copper. Classic cocktails are making a comeback and just like the Old Fashioned we reviewed a few weeks ago the Moscow Mule has also re-emerged on the scene and seems to be everywhere at the moment, due in part to its classic presentation in a Copper mug which appears to have spurred somewhat …

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Hot Krust Panini Kitchen – 8015 Turkey Lake Road Orlando.


Hot Krust Panini Kitchen – 8015 Turkey Lake Road Orlando. The marketing of a restaurant has always been a high priority and with the advent of all the social media platforms available this has never been more important. The owner at Hot Krust Evan Dimov, has done an outstanding job of getting the Hot Krust message out there. Namely that …

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Boca – 358 North Park Avenue Winter Park.

Staff Meal 1

Boca –  358 North Park Avenue Winter Park. The corner of North Park Avenue and Canton has been somewhat the “Kiss of death” for restaurant openings and closings over a number of years and problematic to say the least. But then a couple of years ago along came Boca! Who, by a thoughtful and sensitive remodeling gave the location a …

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Spanish Chicken.


  Spanish Chicken A great one pot meal that anyone can make and requires only a minimum of effort, but the taste is amazing. Serve in a bowl with warm crusty bread or over rice or noodles if you prefer. Of course, all the better if washed down with a chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc or keep the Mediterranean theme …

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Eggs – Natures Fast Food.


Eggs – Natures Fast Food. Whether fried, boiled, poached or scrambled, eggs must be nature’s original pre-packaged fast food item. Not only are they full of vitamins and minerals, proteins, and healthy fats, but nearly anyone can cobble together a meal from these little gems no matter how bad a cook they might be. (Obviously there are some exceptions) They …

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Cheesecake – SkinnyLicious® Superfoods.

IMG_1131 (2)

Cheesecake – SkinnyLicious® Superfoods. If you can dodge the Cheesecake display at the entrance of every Cheesecake Factory restaurant, then should you wish, you can now select menu items that reflect a healthier lifestyle choice. There are now a couple of menu sections to reflect items that follow a reduced calorific content trend and others that combine nutrient rich food …

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