Positive Media Promotions

Build Your Business & Manage Your Brand Within Social Media



A social media presence is a must in today’s world. It allows a business the ability to engage in a conversation with its customers as well as allowing it to get in front of new customers.  An effective social media strategy enables a business to build community connections through engagement and strategic branding.   There are over 1.3 billion Facebook users making it an important outlet for speaking directly to existing and potential customers.

Our team of professionals “Interrogate” the Social Media World and discover what is being communicated about your Company, Brand or Product. We then re-distribute great conversations and maximize the impact in real time, whilst ring fencing negative communications and action plans to resolve.

By tailoring our services to each client, we are able to successfully meet the social media promotional needs of a variety of businesses both large and small.

Typical Program Content

  • In Depth Consultation
  • Match Solution Plan to Goals
  • Select range of Social Media reflective of need
  • Daily interrogation of media for client content
  • Re-distribute “Positive” Media
  • Ring Fence negative or “Vanilla” comment
  • Create & Support Community
  • Create Evangelists
  • Distribute Product or Service information
  • Selective Product or Service push dependent on client need

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