Ivanhoe Village Has gone Mobile.

Ivanhoe App

Ivanhoe Village Has gone Mobile.

Initially designed as support for the Orlando Main Streets Restaurant Week but now with many more exciting possibilities and uses, Ivanhoe Village has gone mobile with the creation of their own app!

Through the engagement of the latest technology provided by DISTRX, the Ivanhoe Village app gathers information on Dining, Shopping and Leisure activities all in one place. Information in a mobile form has never been more important, so by utilizing this app it’s a great way to let locals and visitors know all the great things going on in the Ivanhoe community and across Orlando.

The DISTRX app is also part of a growing national network that includes all Main Street communities across the country, so mobile users across the state and across the U.S.A will be able to see an amazing amount of information on businesses, including a detailed description, pictures, links to websites and social media channels. Better yet, the app uses exciting new technology to allow customers to access promotional offers directly to their mobile device automatically as they enter those businesses or approach the area. This information can include recurring day-of-week or time-of-day offers, including pictures, text, coupons and barcodes, customers will always have access to the most up to date offers.

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Ivanhoe Village is an historic area with a diverse mix of vibrant businesses surrounded by parks, lakes and is also the city’s cultural corridor. This exciting development is just part of a “New Energy” for the area and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

So, get started, download the DISTRX mobile app, available free on the App Store and Google Play or by using the QR Code on this post. As the DISTRX network grows to cover the entire country, the World (or at least the USA) as they say is your Oyster.

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