Bruce Cost Ginger Ale.

Bruce Cost

Bruce Cost Ginger Ale.

With the rising popularity of cocktails such as the “Moscow Mule”, Ginger Ale has been thrust to the forefront of mixers and a support role for cocktails, but we have found Bruce Cost Ginger Ale to be the best tasting Ginger Ale we’ve tried (and we’ve tried many) and deserves a mention and a rightful place as a standalone drink.

Bruce Cost is a two time James Beard nominee and one of the nation’s leading authorities on Asian Food, in 1984 Bruce wrote a book that chronicled the origins of Ginger, leading to the creation of his own version of this now classic beverage. Ingredients are simply listed as Carbonated Water, Pure Cane Sugar, 100% Fresh Ginger and Citric Acid.

As we said, Bruce Cost Ginger Ale is an amazingly refreshing drink on its own, but on a weekend we like to create an adult version with the addition of Appleton’s Estate 12-year aged Rum, lime and fresh mint.

You can find Bruce Cost products at the Fresh Market at Mills 50 or order on line whist perusing their other flavors at


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