Café Frutos Selectos – 430 W New England Ave. Winter Park.


Café Frutos Selectos – 430 W New England Ave. Winter Park.

Hannibal Square has some amazing restaurants, beauty salons and retail stores, the only thing that was missing was a great coffee shop. We are pleased to say that CFS has filled that gap and quickly established itself as a quirky, bohemian café, serving amazing Colombian coffee.

This is not Starbucks nor does it owe any allegiance to any other styling or chain, and in our view all the better for it. The eclectic design and seating has a somewhat calming effect and allows customers to relax and just enjoy a great cup of coffee, fresh juices, breakfast snacks or pastries. No design feature has been overlooked, from the individual coffee mug decoration to the funky juice glasses and soft furnishings, the attention to detail makes this coffee hang out a true individual. Great to watch the world go by on one of the sidewalk tables or crash out on the comfy couch corner.


As this was our first visit we applied our favorite bench mark coffee testing, namely the Cortadito, although this is traditionally a Cuban coffee we have had some amazing examples in our travels especially in Bogota. This one certainly lived up to show the professionalism of the barista as this was delicately sweetened with what tasted like dolce de leche or thick evaporated milk (very traditional) and made for a delicious sweet and decadent coffee fix.


Too many coffee varieties to try on one visit (If we wanted any sleep) but we will certainly return, maybe for breakfast but certainly to sample some more Colombian excellence.


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