Croissant Gourmet Bakery – 120 E Morse Blvd Winter Park.



Croissant Gourmet Bakery – 120 E Morse Blvd Winter Park.

It takes a lot for me to visit an establishment twice in one week, but I was glad to make the exception for Croissant Gourmet Bakery in Winter Park. My first visit was for a meeting and coffee early this week, but the fantastic array of baked goods prompted me to return this morning for breakfast.

Many years ago I worked in Paris and got well used to having fantastic bread baked fresh twice daily (a Parisian’s daily ritual) so when the guys at Croissant Gourmet told me that everything was fresh baked each day I understood the steady stream of customers selecting baked treats to either eat in or take out.

The café has a great location just off Park Avenue, but it is not a large establishment with a few tables inside and counter style seating in the window to people watch, I think the size only  adds to its charm. There are a few tables outside but get occupied very quickly at busy times.

Croissant Gourmet is counter style service in the main, as first and foremost this is a bakery, with chilled display cases holding the pastry gems for your selection. But the staff are amazing and will gladly deliver food and coffee to your table, for such a small café the service was outstanding. On both my visits the bakery was very busy but the young lady server handled all customers with professionalism and a great attitude for customer care.

Stand out Products:

Croque Madame – I am very particular about breakfast but this combination sandwich of Grilled Ham and Gruyere Cheese topped with a sunny side Egg and a coating of Béchamel hit the spot. I will be a regular for this breakfast snack.

Plain Croissant – Easy to overlook this flaky buttery delight, a true French Croissant. Ever had a croissant and you get a greasy film on the roof of your mouth? That because it has not been made with butter but some other form of fat. Try the Croissants from here they are delicious.

Sugar Twist – A sort of long Croissant dusted with powdered sugar (Great for dipping in your Coffee)

Rest assured I will be trying everything, from Classics such as Eclairs and Napoleons to their Danish Pastry section, the Cholate Wonderful looks and sounds amazing.

For more savory offers they have great selection of Hot & Cold sandwiches and filled Croissants, along with Savory and Sweet Crepes.

Insider tips for Croissant Gourmet:

Arrive early in the morning (they open 6.30am) and you may even be able to park right outside for bakery pick up or a relaxing breakfast.

Seats outside are in the shade during morning hours a great way to pass the day.

Grab a sandwich and hit the nearby Park for al fresco dining

Look out for their “Mini Pastries” delectable “Mini Me’s” of the originals

You could easily overlook the Croissant Gourmet as its façade is not imposing, but do yourself a BIG favor, skip the big brand names and head over to this TRUE and authentic French Bakery for Breakfast, Lunch, take out, or just a Coffee (It evolves as the day unfolds). It won’t break the bank and you will be glad you made the effort.


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