Earl of Sandwich – Disney Springs Orlando.


Earl of Sandwich –  Disney Springs Orlando.

Who would have thought that when John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, an avid gambler, was reluctant to take meal breaks during long hours dedicated to playing cards, asked one of his servants to bring him some sliced meat between two slices of bread, that the original hand held fast food would be born. Not only that, but still be relevant today. Not that the Earl would recognize some of the concoctions that pass for a Sandwich in today’s world.

The original Sandwich was reported to be a piece of salt beef between two slices of toast and was regularly consumed by most of the Lords gambling friends, but as they began to order their food with the words “I’ll have the same as Sandwich” according to the story, the name stuck.

Spring forward to the modern day and the constant long lines inside the Disney Springs location of the Earl of Sandwich restaurant, confirms that the American passion for this style of food has not diminished.

The Earl of Sandwich operation is like a well-oiled machine, don’t be put off by the long line inside, as it moves very quickly, due in part to the excellence of customer flow covering the order, payment and pick up process. View the menu or choose from the overhead screens while you wait in line, place your order at the first service station and get a “Bleeper” and a copy of your order, move along the line and select some snack items and drinks, and then at the second station make your payment. Finally arrive at the pickup area and wait for your “Bleeper” to light up, retrieve your order and either eat in the restaurant or take out to enjoy later. Easy eh!

As you pass down the counter you will see teams of red T shirted “Sandwich Inventors” creating your freshly prepared sandwich to order, and boy are they busy.

So, what did we order

Holiday Turkey – Turkey, cornbread stuffing, turkey gravy, cranberry sauce and mayonnaise. I was surprised how much I REALLY liked this sandwich. For those of you who can’t wait for Thanksgiving or the Holidays, this one is for you. Served Hot.

IMG_2473 (2)

Caprese – Fresh mozzarella, Roma tomato, basil and balsamic. The slightly sweet balsamic perfectly blends with the basil to give a fresh and vibrant sensation to wake up the taste buds. Served Hot.

In addition to the Signature Hot Sandwich selections, Earl of sandwich also have Wraps, Salads Pizza Breads and more.

Hot –  Hot –  Hot –  Tip

The sandwiches are not expensive but if you sign up for Earl of Sandwich loyalty program, not only will you receive $5 off your purchase as a new account holder (added to your account 7 days after sign up, see Earl of Sandwich web page for terms and conditions) you will also earn points for every item purchased. Easy to redeem, and once signed up, just give your phone number to the cashier and the points value will be deducted from your check.

As one of the main constituents of any sandwich is bread, it obviously plays a major role in the quality of the product. To this end, the Earl of Sandwich use locally produced Olde Hearth Bread, from their Artisan Bakery specifically designed for the Earl brand, and you can really taste the difference.

So, sign up for their loyalty program today, nothing to lose but $5 to gain and a chance to try an AMAZING sandwich!


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