Lombardi’s Seafood 1888 W Fairbanks Ave Winter Park. Event


Lombardi’s Seafood 1888 W Fairbanks Ave Winter Park.


No one who is a regular follower of our reviews could be left in any doubt of our love for the Lombardi Family operation. From their premier seafood market and wholesale business to the once best kept secret in Winter Park, their Seafood Café. We say once best kept secret, as now the popularity of this honest to goodness Café serving great fresh seafood, cooked to perfection and at a GREAT price point is at an all-time high and a secret no more.

So, with this in mind Mike, Denise and the whole Lombardi family decided it was time to share their future plans of expansion and explain their love and passion for what they do by way of an interactive event and “Fish Tale from Fishing Line to Kitchen Line”. The event (one of many more to come) featured fresh fish at its best, from refreshing Ceviche to ultimate Fish Tacos, to that Belgian favorite Moules & Frites (Mussels and French fries), all expertly prepared by executive chef Chris Richmond whose skills let the seafood speak for itself by not masking the amazing fresh flavors with unnecessary preparations, just seafood cooking at its finest.

Mike and the Lombardi Family shared so much information at the event that we need to give each element the coverage it deserves, so we will be posting throughout the month with information, secret family recipes and more, including the recipe for the “I kid you not” best Key Lime Pie you will ever taste. Not to be missed.

Stop Press 1# – Due to the popularity and by customer demand, the opening hours of the Seafood Café are due to be extended to 9pm on a Friday and Saturday starting in August 2017!

Stop Press 2# – Over the next few months you will see a gradual revamp of the whole Café from new tables, chairs and decor to even a new “belly up” bar area.

Mike’s comment on the expansion is that “We want to get it right” so even it takes a little while, the end result will be what works best for our customers in terms of experience, satisfaction,quality and value.

Here is the first of the recipes this one based on the classic Belgian staple Moules & Frites.



Like what you eat? Well you can always drop by the market and take some home to cook yourself. The staff will be delighted to tell you how to best prepare your selection. No time to cook? The full menu is available for take-out.

The food here is amazing, as the Lombardi tradition relies on getting quality seafood from the Ocean to your table in the shortest amount of time and with the maximum amount of care.

Keep checking back for more developments and news from the event and on the Lombardi journey (as well as the Key Lime Pie recipe), they are excited, we are excited, we hope you are too.


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