Mesa 21 – Desserts.

DL Pie

Mesa 21 –  Desserts –  1414 N Orange Ave Orlando.

Final stop on the menu during our visit to Mesa 21 was the dessert selection. Sorry, but we only got as far as Dulce de Leche and Churros! In reality, we were already “Stuffed” but it’s a tough job sampling amazing food and difficult to stop when the food is this good.

As with all the food we got to taste at Mesa 21, the dessert section lived up to all of the “Real” and Traditional Mexican food experiences that the main menu provides.

Dulce de Leche PieA creamy soft combination of Dulce de Leche & Cream Cheese, with a delicious Cookie crust and topped with more Dulce de Leche. Almost a Mexican national flavor, Dulce de Leche should be a rite of passage with all Mexican meals. This Mesa 21 dessert is outstanding.

ChurrosA basket of crisp Churros perfectly fried and paired with soft ice cream and dipping sauces. Latin Americas extremely popular version of the doughnut, such is their appeal they are to be found on street vendors carts and now even top-class restaurant menus. Mesa 21 pays homage to the origin of the Churro but adds a refinement that creates a perfect dessert.  

Churro 1

Mesa 21 also have an outstanding Key Lime Dessert!

To sum up, if you have followed our Mesa 21 visit through Appetizers, Entrees and Cocktails, then you will understand our pleasure at finding such an outstanding restaurant that speaks volumes as to its Heritage and Tradition whilst delivering amazing service and quality on a daily basis.

Put Mesa 21 on your MUST visit list now!

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