Mount Dora 1921 Norman Van Aken



Mount Dora 1921 Norman Van Aken

We found ourselves in the beautiful Mount Dora this weekend just in time to enjoy the Annual Blueberry Festival, lots to see and do and of course we soon got pretty hungry. We have been meaning to try 1921 by Norman Van Aken for some time, so it was an obvious choice for lunch. Lots of options to sample but we chose:

Brandade Fritters with Mojo Mayo. Perfect salted Cod Fritters, a great appetizer.

Crispy Chicken Wings glazed with Korean Gochujang & Lime. The Gochujang glaze gave these wings a new life to raise them well above sports bar fayre.

Smoky Maduro Plantain Flatbread with Aged Cheddar & Pork Jowl Bacon. We have eaten a lot of Plantain lately, this combination on a flatbread is one of the best.

1921 Burgera blend of Chuck, Brisket & Short Rib patty, American Cheese, Bread & Butter Pickles, House Mustard, Shallot Mayo, Crispy Onions and served with House Fries. Lots going on in this burger, good flavor profiles and the meat blend really shone through.

Florida Golden Tilefish Sandwichfried Tilefish with Ancho Mayo, Cabbage & Corn Slaw, Bread & Butter pickles and served with house fries. Perfectly fried fish and some outstanding house fries.


The restaurant is beautiful with art and Objet D’art scattered around the different dining areas with a really cool bar space and patio.

As with most restaurants of this quality the diversity of the lunch menu sometimes does not reflect the obvious talents of the evening, chef inspired dishes, so will definitely be back soon to be suitably inspired by Norman Van Aken’s great cuisine and skill.